Deliverability as a Service & Inbox Placement

Tech Marketer really understands the dark art of inbox placement and were instrumental in building a strategy that avoided the pitfalls we'd seen previously.

SarahUK Head of CRM

Sender Reputation & Inbox Placement Prior to DaaS

Before working with Tech Marketer, Specsavers faced some challenges with its email communications and sending IPs. Having the right technical skillset available is essential to analyse, diagnose, and resolve deliverability issues when they arise. Lacking this experience may cause significant problems with an email program leading to an inability to communicate with customers, decreasing revenues and a poor customer experience.

The Results

With our support, Specsavers’ sender-reputation across all Tech Marketer managed regions is excellent:

Sender Score: Average 99%
Inbox Placement: Average Over 90%
Higher CTA Conversion rates
Lower-than-industry average complaint and bounce rates.

Deliverability as a Service has given Specsavers an improved understanding of email sending best practices and a clear strategy that has proven to work.

Deliverability As A Service Resulting in Flawless, Worry-Free Email Inbox Placement

Specsavers, a leading global eye-and-audio-care retailer, understands the importance of good email sending practices. It knows that sending an email does not guarantee it will reach the customer’s inbox and that maintaining an excellent sender reputation is paramount to a successful email strategy.

The number of emails that deliver to your customer’s inbox is relative to your sender reputation. A poor reputational score will likely mean that emails you send will be filtered or directed to the spam folder, and translates to:

  • Wasted time and resources creating content that your customers will never see.
  • Lower conversion rates, leading to lower revenue, ROI, and customer lifetime value.
  • Reduced brand exposure.

Specsavers know firsthand that email deliverability issues can quickly spiral out of control and negatively impact a business not expertly resolved swiftly.

Specsavers UK, Ireland, and Spain trust Tech Marketer to fully manage its domain reputation and inbox placement by employing our Deliverability as a Service (DaaS) offering. With our help, Specsavers has a solid deliverability strategy and can sleep easy knowing that Tech Marketer will take care of its email reputation and inbox placement and proactively resolve any issues.

Why Specsavers Chose DaaS

Although Specsavers’ CRM team has some deliverability knowledge, it prefers to focus its resources on its core competencies, i.e., building value-added campaigns that improve the customer experience.

Specsavers chose Tech Marketer to manage its deliverability strategy and maintain its excellent, above-industry-average email sending metrics for the following reasons:

Specsavers’ CRM team does not need to dedicate resources to monitoring, maintaining, and analysing its sender-reputation. Moreover, Tech Marketer own the resolution of any deliverability issues that arise.
Tech Marketer’s track record of successfully delivering projects for Specsavers – including the IP warm-up – for all its regions.
Tech Marketer’s proactive approach to identifying improvements and potential problems. And our ability to quickly resolve deliverability issues if they arise.
No deliverability software licences to purchase. Get up and running quickly.
Tech Marketer knows Specsavers’ Campaign Management system and where additional logical checks can improve the sender reputation and boost inbox placement.

DaaS Advantages

A Deliverability Strategy Aligned With Your CRM Goals
As part of DaaS, we build a deliverability strategy that aligns with your CRM goals. We work with you and your CRM team to ensure that best practices are in place.

Optimal Sender Reputation & Inbox Placement
We ensure that your inbox placement and sender reputation are optimal and support any necessary changes.

Save Time & Focus On Your Strengths
Monitoring, investigating, analysing, testing, and resolving email-deliverability and inbox- placement issues can be complex and highly time-consuming. Save time and energy and let your CRM team focus on their core competencies.

Save Money On An Expensive Internal Hire
Email deliverability is a niche area requiring specific technical and email knowledge, especially as ISP filtering algorithms become more sophisticated and continue to evolve. Therefore, good deliverability consultants are hard to find. DaaS helps you avoid the expense of HR and Team Management.

Save Money On Expensive Tools
You don’t need to invest in any expensive tools or platforms. The licences for deliverability tools can cost thousands. Tech Marketer has a trusted suite of tools it uses to monitor, analyse and manage your IP and domain reputation.

HTML & Content Testing
Our pre-campaign content testing uncovers potential issues that could trigger spam filters.

About Specsavers

Specsavers is a family-run optometry, audiology, and healthcare business. It was founded in Guernsey and opened its first UK store in 1984. Since then, Specsavers has grown into a global brand, with stores in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2021, Specsavers opened its doors in Canada.

With more than 2000 stores worldwide, Specsavers is a market leader in numerous countries and employs over 38,000 employees. Specsavers always aims to deliver outstanding value to its customers through products and services such as eye and hearing tests, home visits, eyewear, contact lenses, and hearing aids.

Specsavers uses omnichannel communications to connect with its customers worldwide. As with many businesses, email is a critical channel leveraged to send and receive value-added communications.

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