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Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing Automation Requirements Gathering

Invest in Robust Business Requirements for Marketing Automation Project Success

A well-defined business-requirements document is key to successfully deliver your Marketing Automation project. Unfortunately, many projects overrun on time, budget, resources, or lack the desired features.

While there are many contributing factors, poor business-requirements gathering and documentation is a leading cause of project failure.

Ask the right questions to capture your business requirements

At Tech Marketer, our team of experienced Marketing Automation Business Consultants guide you through the business-requirements process when purchasing or replacing your Marketing Automation platform. Aside from helping you convey current and future needs, we know the marketing tool landscape and its leading-edge tools. We work with your stakeholders to understand their needs and ask the right questions to learn what’s possible. At the end of the process, we deliver a robust business-requirements document that serves as your North star when evaluating and choosing the right tool for your business.

Ensure you get only what you need

Investing in a marketing automation tool is a big deal for all businesses and therefore requires a lot of consideration from all critical stakeholders. There are many different vendors, functionalities and add-ons to consider; however, your requirements will differ depending on where your business is on its marketing automation journey. Not every functionality will suit your business needs, even if it’s en-vogue, and you should avoid paying for features you will never use. Starting with solid business requirements is the first step in ensuring you get only what you need.

What are the critical marketing automation functionalities and areas to consider?

It's essential to consider both functional and non-functional requirements. We have included a non-exhaustive list of questions and functionalities that you should consider when deciding on a new marketing platform.

B2C or B2B:

Will you primarily use the tool for business-to-business or business-to-consumer communications?

Customer database size:

How many active customers will you have in your marketing database?


What volume of contacts will you send per channel on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis

Customer segmentation, targeting and personalisation:

How intelligent will your customer segmentation and targeting be?

Real-time offer management:

What is your understanding of personalised communications?

Dynamic Email Content:

Do you require dynamic email content?

Data connectors:

Do you need to connect to external systems, and does the platform you’re considering have native connectors?

Landing pages:

Do you need to create ad-hoc landing pages for your customer actions? Do you need technical skills to do so?

Trigger communications:

Would you like to trigger communications based on specific customer actions?

Cross channel marketing:

Which channels do you currently use and need in the future? For example, Email, SMS, Push, and Direct Mail.

Campaign reporting and marketing ROI:

Do you want to analyse results in the platform or would you prefer to use a third-party tool?

Customer Journey management:

Can you easily create data-driven customer journeys?

Preference centres:

Do you need a preference centre for your customers to update their contact details and preferences easily?

Marketing team:
What skills will be required for your team to be operationally ready?
How much will you need to spend on training?
Will you need additional staff?
How data-minded is your team?
Is there sufficient talent in your labour market?

How much support will be required post-on-boarding?


What is your investment budget for the initial tool, ongoing development and communications.

There are many other business and functional requirements to consider.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.

Please contact with our experienced marketing automation team.

Marketing Automation Tool Evaluation

Evaluate and Find the Perfect Marketing Automation Software for your Company

Marketing automation tools can help businesses efficiently and effectively deliver marketing messages and improve the overall customer experience.
When analysing the market, it's essential to understand what is technologically possible and align this with your marketing team's short and long term needs, objectives, budget and available resources.

Learn faster

If you are struggling to navigate the marketing automation market or lack time to understand all of the stakeholders’ requirements thoroughly, Tech Marketer is here to help. Choosing the right marketing automation tool for your business is a critical and challenging strategic decision that will have a long term impact on your business, the end-user marketing team, your customers and your bottom line. It requires buy-in from numerous stakeholders and a clear understanding of what functionality and integrations you need in the short, medium and long term.

Ensure you're getting what you need

If you don’t want to spend your team’s time extensively researching and analysing the marketing automation software market, Tech Marketer can help. Our expert team will simplify the process and work with you to ensure that you can make an informed decision and marketing tool choice.

Initially, our Campaign Management consultants will run workshops with each key stakeholder to capture and define comprehensive business and technical requirements. We will use the business requirements document to evaluate each leading marketing automation platform against your needs. There are many marketing automation solutions, each with strengths and weaknesses. Our analysis is vendor agnostic, and we will help you find the right marketing automation platform that best matches your needs and capabilities. We will consider all the relevant leading enterprise marketing automation vendors, such as Adobe Campaign Classic or Standard, Salesforce, Oracle, and SAS.

Depending on the project complexity, the time to complete the process will vary. At the end of the process, you’ll have everything you need and have the confidence to decide on the best strategic marketing tool for your business.
Tech Marketer has helped numerous companies with the problem of evaluating and choosing the best campaign management tool. Our consultants are well-placed to give first-hand evaluations and comparisons because of our experience using the best-in-class tools.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.