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Adobe Campaign Services

Adobe Campaign High Level Design

Successfully Convert your Requirements into a High-Level Adobe Campaign Design

A high-level-design document or HLD will list the functional requirements from your 'Requirements Document' and provide an overview of your future Adobe Campaign platform's primary features, solution architecture, technical, and interconnected third-party systems.

Convey the design solution

As a precursor to the Low Level or Technical Design document, the HLD has a wide range of technical and non-technical stakeholders and should be written to convey the design solution as simple as possible without oversimplifying.

An experienced Tech Marketer Solution Architect will develop the High-Level-Design document using your requirements document. The HLD will contain some or all the following elements, depending on your specific project:

Solution Overview:

A high-level summary of the proposed solution and fundamental platform features to be delivered.


References the Requirements Traceability Matrix.


A list of business, functional or technical premises.

Risks & Constraints:

Lists project conditions and risks that could block the solution development and any mitigation measures.

Architecture Plan:

A high-level diagram outlining critical: system components, relationships, or connections and their interactions.

Application Modules:

Message Centre, Content Management, MRM.

Adobe Campaign User Management:

A plan for user and security groups, SSO integration, and user creation and management.

Communication Channels:

Email, SMS, direct mail, push notifications, terminals, etc.


Outline any integrations with first or third party systems.


Inbound and outbound data flows.

Out of Scope:

List systems and processes that will specifically not be covered in the project design.


All supporting documentation.

If your team would like experienced, expert support from one of our certified Adobe Campaign Solution Architects to turn your business requirements into a High-Level Design, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.

Adobe Campaign Customisation, Development, & Integrations Keywords

Add Value to your Adobe Campaign platform through customisation and bespoke development

Technical development and customisations

The out of the box Adobe Campaign setup will almost certainly require customisation and development to match your business needs and add real value. Only Adobe Campaign experts should only carry out technical development and customisations. Tech Marketer’s certified team of Developers and Architects can help your business implement value-added customisations or development. Our team have years of experience and has helped many global businesses across different verticals.

Customisation and development are possible with many elements of the Adobe Campaign platform. The technical specialists must understand the Adobe Campaign best practices to ensure that your instance maintains optimal peak performance. We have outlined some of the areas where customisation or development is common:

Customised database tables:

Some of the out of the box Adobe Campaign schemas or tables will require customisation to include attributes specific to your customers or business. Furthermore, you will probably need custom business tables that do not exist out of the box.

Custom input forms:

The forms allow your team to input, amend, or search data within the platform.

Third-party integrations:

If you need to connect to or integrate with third-party solutions such as an email cleansing platform or connect Adobe Campaign to an analytics or CRM tool. Or if you have any data integrations that require APIs (SOAP or REST) or native connectors.

Multi-channel service-provider integrations:

If you’d like to communicate with your customers on numerous online and offline channels, such as direct mail, SMS, or push messaging.

Transactional messaging:

If you’ve purchased Adobe Campaign Message Centre and want to configure different transactional templates.

Web Application Development:

If you’d like to create web applications or surveys to capture information from your customers or develop a preference centre.

Bespoke reporting:

Adobe comes out of the box with good standard reports however more complex reporting often requires building bespoke data cubes, aggregations, and output.

Complex functionality:

The power of Adobe Campaign is its open and flexible nature. Developing bespoke functionality using JavaScript that adds value to your workflows or operations is possible.

Technical workflow development:

The technical workflows behind the scenes are the backbone of Adobe Campaign. There may be additional ETLs to import new data feeds or executing.

Maintaining and upgrading your platform:

Adobe Campaign upgrades or maintenance will be required from time to time; this may include reviewing the database indexes and general platform health for optimal performance.

Whatever your technical or development Adobe Campaign needs, we have experienced technical architects and developers who can support your team and optimise your system.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.

Adobe Campaign Content Management

Quickly create on-brand emails without HTML or CSS knowledge.

Email Standardisation

Creating an on-brand email template with the correct fonts, titles, images, image placement, and colour schemes can take lots of effort, time, and technical know-how. Such a technical bottleneck often slows down your email campaign velocity and makes sending urgent, unplanned campaigns stressful, prone to error and difficult to turn around quickly. Furthermore, the email can become the victim of unnecessary creativity that may look nice but send an inconsistent brand message that confuses your customers.

Ensure you're getting what you need

Tech Marketer’s professional team of certified developers uses the Adobe Campaign Content Management module to develop re-usable templates your team can use to build regular emails such as newsletters quickly. The critical factors are that the email template and elements follow a consistent brand identity that allows your team to focus solely on the content without worrying about technical know-how or deviating from brand guidelines.

Adobe Campaign Content Management Benefits

The content management module offers several key benefits

Faster turnaround time
Your brand’s visual identity is permanently adhered to
Focus on your customer experience, not technical development
Remove the technical bottleneck – no HTML or CSS knowledge is required
Quick and easy to implement updates to brand guidelines
Reduces the risk of introducing HTML errors that may cause deliverability issues

A well-defined business requirements document will help you successfully deliver your Marketing Automation project. Unfortunately, many projects overrun on time, budget, resources, or lack the desired features.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.

Adobe Campaign Operations As A Service

Deliver brilliant marketing campaigns using Tech Marketer's Campaign Services team

Tech Marketer's Adobe Campaign Operations as a Service develops and delivers brand-building, insight-driven, omnichannel communications that increase customer engagement, reduce customer churn, and maximise customer lifetime value. Our expert team converts your campaign-management team’s briefs into well designed, logical, and Adobe-Campaign-best-practice workflows.

Adobe campaign process

Our dedicated team of certified Adobe Campaign Experts take care of every part of the Adobe Campaign execution and delivery so that you and your team can focus on your core competencies and marketing strategy. Furthermore, it removes the time-intensive effort of finding and developing a technical Adobe Campaign team capable of executing your marketing communications strategy.

Adaptation and optimization

Before starting an engagement, we will consult with your Campaign Management team and understand your way of working. Our team can adapt to your processes and suggest any optimisations to improve your end to end campaign implementation process.

How might your outsourced campaign services process look?

Your Marketing Campaign Managers define campaign objectives, targeting, exclusions, and channels. The output will include a signed-off campaign brief.
Our Adobe Campaign consultant will review the campaign brief and collaborate with your team to clarify any points and call out opportunities for improvement. The review is complete when all questions are resolved and identified brief changes are reflected in the campaign brief.
In parallel:

– Our Adobe Campaign consultant will begin the workflow development using optimal logic to select and segment customer targets while ensuring results match the campaign brief throughout the workflow build.
– Your team will develop and supply creative copy for the different channels. If your team cannot create the email HTML, Tech Marketer can.

Testing and validation will occur throughout the development processes and before a final end-to-end test.
Our Adobe Campaign consultant will review the campaign and its output with your team. Assuming there are no workflow or content anomalies, our team will receive sign-off from your Campaign Manager.
To ensure maximum quality, another Adobe Campaign developer will review the workflow built by their colleague and follow our robust quality-assurance checks. Any error or misconfiguration is highlighted and fixed.
Our consultant schedules the campaign to run on the day and time of your choosing.
Post-send, our consultant analyses each delivery communication and campaign workflow to ensure everything is correct.

Global brands entrust Tech Marketer's Adobe Campaign Services team to manage its strategic, mission-critical, and complex marketing campaigns. We've helped streamline numerous marketing operations processes and ensure that your Adobe Campaign platform remains organised and at optimal performance with workflow best practices.

Please get in touch with us for more information on how we can help your marketing team deliver brilliant marketing campaigns on time and within budget.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.

Adobe Campaign Resources

Seamlessly add certified and experienced Adobe Campaign resources to your team

Our Adobe Campaign experts are available for your project needs. We offer a wide range of expertise and experience to help you create and deploy high-impact, personalised marketing campaigns. Our certified Adobe Campaign experts can help you get more done in less time.

Help and solutions

Tech Marketer can help you fill resource shortages, maternity leave, and/or short-term increased demand. Whether you need an Adobe Campaign Architect, Developer, Consultant, or Marketing Operations Manager, we have a skilled, experienced, certified team to help you achieve your goals. Our Architects can guide your solution design; our Developers can technically extend and improve your platform. Our Consultants can build mission-critical, data-driven marketing campaign workflows, and our Operations Managers can help organise and plan.

Adobe Campaign Architects:

Our certified Adobe Campaign Architects are true masters of the Adobe Campaign software. Technically brilliant and with an evident ability to understand business needs, our experts will help you transform your business requirements into technical solutions and maximise Adobe Campaign’s functionalities.

Adobe Campaign Developers:

Our Campaign Developers will translate technical requirements and convert this into Adobe Campaign functionality. Our developers work with the configurations, technical workflows, integrations, APIs, data, complex campaign workflows and ad-hoc functionality that meet business needs. They will help set up your Adobe Campaign platform precisely for your business and ensure it is optimised, following best practices.

Adobe Campaign Consultants:

Our Campaign Consultants will help you get the most out of your Adobe Campaign marketing tool. Our experts will help you transform your marketing campaign briefs into logical campaign workflows while following Adobe’s best practices and harnessing years of experience using Adobe Campaign across different clients and verticals.

It’s easy to add an Adobe Campaign or Marketing Operations resource to your team temporarily. Inform us what skills and experience are required, what the day to day tasks will be, the start and end date of your resource needs, and we’ll find the best person to support you.

Dozens of satisfied global companies have put their trust in Tech Marketer to provide temporary resources when in need of Adobe Campaign experts.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.

Adobe Campaign Training

Upskill Your Adobe Campaign Team with Tech Marketer's Adobe Campaign Training

Whether it’s Adobe Campaign Classic or Standard, get the best training for your campaign managers and developers from the team of experts who have been implementing Adobe Campaign across the globe. Tech Marketer’s Adobe Campaign training is designed specifically for organisations to help them quickly upskill and develop their Campaign Marketing teams and maximise their return on investment.

We offer Adobe Campaign training for Campaign Managers and Adobe Campaign Developers. Our training sessions run over several days and can be onsite or remote. Each session includes hands-on sessions where participants learn how to practically use Adobe Campaign and many tips and tricks our consultants have learned and mastered over the years.

Our Adobe Campaign Developer training is for end-users of Adobe Campaign who will develop omnichannel campaigns and workflows. We cover vital elements such as:

Campaign Management setup and using templates
Data Management:

Joins and data relations, lists, and how to create efficient queries. Campaign inclusion, exclusion, joins and data relations. List and audience management. Rudimentary imports and exports.

Investigating data in Adobe Campaign
Workflow Design:

Learn how to optimally design workflow logic. Understand where, when and how to use key workflow activities in Adobe Campaign.

Delivery Management:

Everything you need to know to create and configure deliveries:
– Content implementation.
– Basic HTML personalization.


How to create reports with your communication results.

Offer management
Adobe Campaign best practices

Our Adobe Campaign Technical Developer course offers more technical training for more experienced Adobe Campaign users with a software development background.

Schemas and input forms
Data loads and data exports
Creating and setting up service provider accounts
Working with and configuring Adobe Campaign’s Message Center API
Technical workflows

We also offer bespoke training depending on your team's needs.

Our Adobe Campaign training experts have helped many teams and individuals increase their understanding of the platform, improve the quality of the tasks required as part of their role, and prepare for Adobe Campaign certifications.

For help choosing the right tool.

For help choosing the right tool.